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WHAT IS PAY4LEAD In 2017, Pay4Lead's innovative Lead Generation service was create.
After introducing version 2.0 as the initial version, now is the time to introduce the version 3.0 of Pay4Lead we've upgraded.


Now we have more experience and know exactly how to generate lead in your specific sector. Try our services!


Do you want lots of leads? Or do you want them smaller but very well profiled? If you’re indecisive, give us a job. We will contact you directly for a potential customer.


Do you have clear ideas and decisions? Choose online services so you will not miss a business opportunity! Available soon.


Pay4Lead does not have a cost per hour so you can only focus on the result without worrying about how to spend your money.


Think about your goal: how many leads do you need to achieve the goal? Our service is up to date and available at any time.


The leads we supply are potentially your new customers. Our offer is measured according to the value of your product, your market and your customers.


Get rid of and focus on your work, we will take care of finding new leads for your business growth.

AND WHAT DO WE DO? We use a combination of traditional tools and digital marketing to achieve our goal. Each lead is used exclusively for you. We do not buy lists and sell the same bids for multiple customers.



Lead Generation
We generate lead and we provide clients who are interested in your business so you can personally contact and pick them up. Cheaper is the service, we put more leads but you will need to contact them quickly.

Replacement of 20% of leads if it turns out to be invalid. Do not you get them to contact them? Not in target? No problem, we change them with new leads.


Lead Qualification
We check leads, remove fraudulent, confirm the request, and provide you with additional information. You will get smaller quantities of lead but with higher quality.

Replacement of invalid leads. Refund of non-delivered leads in the amount of up to 90% of the value of leas.


Lead Nurturing
After completing the check and qualification, we immediately schedule the appointment according to your schedule. Such a solution, turnkey, is best for those who do not have enough time.

Replacement of invalid leads. Refund of non-delivered leads in the amount of up to 60% of the value of leas.

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Do you know what LEAD is ?

Lead contains useful information to make a sale. This is a potential buyer who has expressed interest in a particular product / service, who is known for his / her name and surname and basic data. The goal of generating leads is not to promote a product or service, but to gather information to increase sales opportunities.

What's the Difference Between Lead and Potential Buyer (Prospect)?

Both point to a potential buyer, but refer to the different stages of the so-called sales flow. The lead comes first, then the prospect. Lead is a potential buyer who is identified to establish a business contact. Prospect is the one who, after the first contact, is interested in real business cooperation.

How does lead work?

The main phases in which the lead management process is articulated are lead generation, qualification and nurturing.

Lead generation

LEAD generation is one of the processes used to obtain leads. To generate leads, we can use different marketing tools: email marketing, online advertising campaigns, events, etc. The goal of this strategy is to gather information that can be useful by sales force that will turn into potential sales opportunities.

Lead qualification

Lead Qualification is a process where a company identifies the most valuable leads that concentrate on commercial efforts within a list of contacts that are generated through specific lead generation.

Lead nurturing

Lead nurturing concentrates on all the initiatives initiated by the company after launching sales negotiations with lead. Includes various forms of sales promotion and short-term and mid-term incentives to encourage the purchase of products or services offered by the company.

How to create a good LEAD?

It is very important for us to know your business, the products you sell and the services you provide to your clients. But the basic aspect that will make PAY4LEAD service effective is understanding the added value of your product over the market. All this because PAY4LEAD is a personalized service tailor-made to your needs.

What should I do when generating leads?

Thanks to the experience gained using traditional telemarketing tools and turning to new digital channels, we will start the generation of lead generation that will meeet your demand. Compared to the usual techniques or stategies and you will not have to force yourself into entering web marketing or digital adveritising. That’s what we care about and you can keep quiet doing your job.

Can I find my clients in other European countries?

Pay4 can now generate leads in Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, France and Spain. Are you an Italian company and you want to sell your products or service in Europe? Do you have a foreign language problem and you don’t want to rely demanding agencies or expensive trade fairs? Try Pay4Lead. Our staff will search in many languages ​​for companies interested in your business. The Pay4Lead formula is always the same: innovative, prepaid and up-to-date.

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